Laust's Jalpa Project



"Turbo Diagram 0": This shows a schematic of the serial-parallel turbocharger switching (hot and cold side switched independently).

"Serial-Parallel Turbo 1": This is the very first realistic rendition in SolidWorks of the serial-parallel turbocharger switching.

"Baseline HP-TQ": This is a rear wheel dyno-chart just before the car was disassembled. The unexpected drop in torque (as a function of rpm) is very likely due to the clogged cats shown in a later picture. Without this problem the claimed 255 crank HP seems realistic.

Page 1 - 2002-May 2004: Intake design and fabrication

Page 2 - Fall 2004-July 20, 2005: Some part fabrication, assembly and integration during the listed period

Page 3 - August 1-16, 2005: More of the above, plus engine installation

Page 4 - Changes, improvements and tweaks since August 2005

Page 5 - First teardown and re-installation (Jan-Feb 2006) 

Page 6 - Minor annoyances and repairs since March 2006

Page 7 - Enjoying the car 2005/2006