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P9200427 (9-20-2005): After many discussions with Electromotive it was clear that TEC-3 and Coil on Plugs were not compatible so I had to revert to their Direct Fire Units (DFU) which by lots of trial & errors and some luck could be squeezed into the V of the engine as seen here.

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PA150547 (10-15-2005): I found it a little strange and not too attractive, that rear wheels were only 7.5" wide from the factory, while there is space for 11" wheels, witnessed by the frequent use of the Silhouette wheels (15"x11"). I really like the design of the Jalpa wheels, so I found someone who routinely widened (alloy) wheels (for $200 each). I sent my rear wheels there to be widened to 10", which accommodate tire sizes still available. The result is seen here.

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PC060708M (12-06-2005): Here the wheel is mounted on the car with a 265/45x16 Kumho VictoRacer V700 tire, much more in proportion with the bulging fenders. It also looks that the front wheels could aesthetically benefit from being moved out a bit. Using a race tire on this car makes sense since it is (almost) never driven in rain and maybe only driven 3-5k miles per year. Meaning that the tread will wear out at about the same time the side-walls starts cracking.

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PB020639 (11-02-2005): Damn, the tachometer didn't respond to the TEC-3 and both the tach and the speedometer has plastic needles so bent by (sun induced) released stress, that they were touching the glass and therefore could only move intermittently. So off they went to Palo Alto Speedometer (PAS), CA, who claimed to be able to fix the problems.

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PC040707 (12-04-2005): Well they (PAS) did fix the instruments with compatible electronics and upgraded aluminum needles, although the accuracy of the tachometer is not ideal 1200 rpm = 1500 rpm indicated, 4000 rpm correct and 7000 rpm = 6700 rpm indicated. Note the elegant substitution of the OEM ammeter to the far left.

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PC040706 (12-04-2005): I initially set the fans underneath the intercooler (IC) to push air out into the (at speed) low pressure area above. However in spite of some shielding the air supply was so hot that the manifold air temperature (MAT) almost followed the coolant temperature ... not a good recipe for making power. So I reversed the fans and made a shroud so the IC would get cold air from above. It significantly lowered the MAT.

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