Laust's Jalpa Project

August 1-16, 2005


P8010326.JPG (179681 bytes)
P8020326 (8-1-2005): Wire harness making area.

P8020327.JPG (178335 bytes)
P8020327 (8-2-2005): The very first wire installation looks a little messy.

P8050331.JPG (187738 bytes)
P8050331 (8-5-2005): The cylinder head intake runner looks very clean and the valve has minimal deposits (no cleaning was done).

P8060334.JPG (176358 bytes)
P8060334 (8-6-2005): The engine with the intercooler (IC) installed. Note also the water spray for the IC and the two fans underneath the IC.

P8060335.JPG (178419 bytes)
P8060335 (8-6-2005): Not all is easy; some isolation was later provided between the triplet valve and the IC inlet hose. Tightening and loosening those hose-clamps with the engine installed require a lot of dexterity, even though the IC later will be moved up to create better clearance.

P8060337.JPG (181709 bytes)
P8060337 (8-6-2005): Just above the headers there are ports for the original air injection. They are now plugged up except for cylinders #1 and #4, which have Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) sensors installed.

P8060342.JPG (186866 bytes)
P8060342 (8-6-2005): My fabricator mated the original oil cooler with a similar unit and the two are now placed in front of the car, as was the case for the very early Jalpas, but they later moved it behind the right "ear" in the engine compartment.

P8070343.JPG (169076 bytes)
P8070343 (8-7-2005): It's about time BMW helps Lamborghini (since they designed/optimized the suspension for their M1).

P8070347.JPG (168057 bytes)
P8070347 (8-7-2005): Ready for "the big merger". Unbelievably, it actually fit. The only mishap was a bent dipstick, which was easily straightened up.

P8160366.JPG (185573 bytes)
P8160366 (8-16-2005): The complete installed engine. Unfortunately it turned out that the Coil On Plugs (COP's) cannot be driven by the TEC-3 unit (Electromotive). Supposedly that hardware will be available in their next TEC-4 unit. So now I need to install their Direct Fire Units (DFU's), which very likely will give a better spark (than the COP's ever can), but with a slightly less elegant installation.

P8160369.JPG (182155 bytes)
P8160369 (8-16-2005): Another view of the installed engine. Note the authentic NASCAR overflow tank (the original tank wouldn't fit) and the raised relay panel. Note also the air filter in the background under the right "ear". An identical filter serving the other engine bank (for parallel turbo connection) is found under the left "ear".


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