Laust's Jalpa Project

2002 - May 20, 2004


intake assembly 3aJ.jpg (81951 bytes)
"intake assembly 3aJ" (x-x-2002): SolidWorks rendering of future intake manifold.

engine assembly 4bJ.jpg (78288 bytes)
"engine assembly 4bJ" (x-x-2002): SolidWorks rendering of future tubing (intake and exhaust) in engine bay. I made a booklet of various views for my fabricator to work with. After a lot of time, a number of 4-letter words and a very reasonable amount of money he did a very nice job in the fabrication.

Jalpa Engine Management.JPG (270384 bytes)
"Jalpa Engine Management" (7-24-2002): Electromotive's TEC-3 unit with choice of their Direct Fire Units (DFU's) or Coil on Plugs (COP's). I went with COP's (from Ford), but am now working on compatibility issues.

PC260070.JPG (81622 bytes)
PC260070 (12-26-2002): It looks a little empty, messy and dirty.

P8270021.JPG (82179 bytes)
P8270021 (8-27-2002): Box of left-over parts. Who needs this anyway.

PB240051.JPG (87638 bytes)
PB240051 (11-24-2002): The crown wheel has always been noisy and I still don't know why

Jalpa Suspension Cosmetics.JPG (89961 bytes)
"Jalpa suspension cosmetics" (11-29-2002): Fortunately the OEM "WAY-Assauto" Italian shocks were in good condition, easy to compress and very hard to separate.

P1060083.JPG (77923 bytes)
P1060083 (1-6-2003): Two turbos curtsey of Mitsubishi 3000GT and a 165 amp alternator.

P1120084.JPG (88112 bytes)
P1120084 (1-12-2003): The catalytic converters had been working hard with the Weber carburetors and were blocked about 20% (melted core). I ground the melted part of the bricks away leaving some 70% intact for future catalytic activity.

PA120075.JPG (74575 bytes)
PA120075 (10-12-2003): The intake manifold is done. The throttle body is from a Camaro with Idle Speed Motor (ISM) and Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) built in. It also has outlets for manifold and intercooler (IC) pressures. I rebuilt it, installed needle bearings and modified the throttle actuator.

PB150009.JPG (647329 bytes)
PB150009 (11-15-2003): Here finally is the engine in its sub-frame with the new intake manifold as a "foreign element".

P5200210.JPG (179958 bytes)
P5200210 (5-20-2004): The very first tubing tagged together for placement of the two turbochargers and the all important two triple air valves (for serial and parallel switching of each section of the two turbochargers).


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