Installation of Toyota Truck Tierod Ends in the Original Lamborghini Tierod Sleeves

Moog Part # ES2376


Old tierod ends cut off


Sleeves drilled out 21/32" or 17mm


Trial fit...perfect!


Tig welding is the only way to fly.


Drilled a hole to secure tierod end with "rosette" weld


Quickly dipped tierod into water to prevent Delron (?) inserts from melting.  Most of the heat went to the sleeve anyway, we may not even have needed the water.


All measurements as before, 9 1/4" from end to end (zerk fitting to zerk fitting), and 1 3/4" out for the center sleeves.


Used grease gun to push out the cooling water.


Detail of the welds -- Nice work Jim!


Painted, OSH semi-gloss black.


Find tierods with a "ring" boot so you can disassemble them prior to welding.  Also, grease fitting so you can push the cooling water out with grease, and then grease as regular maintenance (as opposed to factory "non grease fitting" setup). 


Ready to roll.


Time for toe-in adjustment.