My Trip to Los Angeles & San Diego

April 2004



Robert's new toy, a DeTomaso Mangusta -- totally cool.  The car is in extremely good shape, and just such an exciting machine!


Chris Holl shows off his "not-quite ready" Miura at Bobileff's.


Couple of nice white Countachs out back.


400GT 2+2 being restored.  I believe this may be a VLG member's car -- Jorge, our Tijuana list member...?


Familiar view to all 400gt owners.


Got the AC option -- for better or for worse!


Chris points out the fans -- same as Miura.


Spokes off being restored.


Interesting that the AC is cut into the dash.  If mine were like this maybe I would have left it, but it sat below the dash and hit the passenger knees.


Nice row of Miura motors, etc.


And the car to go with one of them.


Very clean shop, a pleasure to see.


Another view of the Miura, you can see Chris' Miura clips above, up against the storage railing.


A row of very cool cars.


This Miura has one heck of a story, maybe Chris can explain better than I can.


My favorite is always the McLaren....sigh.


Thanks to Robert, Jack, Chris and Gary for making this a wonderful trip!