Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este

May 2005, Italy

Photos & Text by Marcel de Lange


AlfaRomeoCanguro.jpg (99621 bytes)
Alfa Romeo Canguro:
Based on an Alfa Romeo TZ2 chassis, this Giorgetto Giugiaro (then working for Bertone) bodied car has finally been rebuild after 
being wrecked by a journalist who went in the wrong direction at a circuit and crashed into another prototype. So the story goes...

AstonMartinDB4GTZagato.jpg (169358 bytes)
Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato:
Entered by an American collector of Zagato cars (he entered his Alfa Romeo in 2004 and his Ferrari in 2003 at Villa d'Este).
When new displayed on an Italian car-show - think it was the Turin Motor Show.

BMW507.jpg (126349 bytes)
BMW 507:
This year the Concorso's sponsor BMW celebrated the 50th anniversary of their classic: the 507.
A great design by Albrecht Graf Goertz, a student of Raymond Loewy by the way.

BMWIsetta.jpg (127767 bytes)
BMW Isetta:
Isetta car? Yes, that is a car.  Originally built by that other manufacturer of Italian supercars: ISO, 
who called them the Isetta.

Dino206.jpg (112715 bytes)
An extraordinairy carpark... Here's the Dino 206 parked right in front of the Ferrari P6 and a 365 
GT/4 Berlinetta Boxer.

Ferrari212.jpg (142266 bytes)
Ferrari 212:
"Best of show" chosen by the public.  This is a classic example of a two-tone painted Vignale-bodied Ferrari.
Built in 1951 and sold to Count Umberto Marzotto of Trissino who contested several races with it.  Tiny car but BIG noise.

Ferrari375MMSport.jpg (123664 bytes)
Ferrari 375 MM Sport:
This car was originally shown at the 1955 Turin Motor Show.  A great Pinin Farina design based upon the 375 Mille Miglia chassis. 
Now part of an American collection.

Fiat1100StabilimentiFarina.jpg (116149 bytes)
Fiat 1100 Stabilimenti Farina:
Funny to know that this car entered the Concorso Villa d'Este earlier; in 1947 to be precise.
The car then won a prize in its category. And after all those years still an attractive little car.

PegasoZ102BT.jpg (155224 bytes)
Pegaso Z102 BT:
A classic design from Touring, owned by a German Pegaso-collector.

Pininfarina75thAnniversary.jpg (125519 bytes)  Birdcage75b.jpg (111423 bytes)
Pininfarina 75th anniversary:
This is the Birdcage 75th, as it is known. First shown on the Geneva Motor Show 2005.
Now centrepiece of the hughe Pininfarina "anniversario" exhibition at the Villa d'Erbe in Cernobbio, Italy.

PininfarinaFerraris.jpg (126388 bytes)  MythosRosso.jpg (130117 bytes)
Pininfarina Ferraris:
Two classical Pininfarina built Ferrari roadsters. On the left the 1989 Ferrari Mythos and in right the 2000 Ferrari "Rosso" 
whose rearlight design have been taken over by recent Ferrari's such as the F430 and the Enzo.

Pininfarinatransporter.jpg (141638 bytes)
Pininfarina transporter:
This year the 75th anniversary of Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina was celebrated at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este.
So they sent in some trucks stacked with one-off's.  That's how they do it in Italy...
On top a Chevrolet Corvette "Rondine", the BMC 1800, the Ferrari P6 Concept and the "X" Concept.
Bottom row an unidentified car (Alfa Romeo?), a recent city-car prototype called the Nido, the Dino 206 and probably a BMW prototype.

Mercedes500K.jpg (67273 bytes)
Mercedes 500K:
This car certainly looks to be parked in the right place, at lake Como enjoying "la dolce vita".
This Mercedes 500K came with a supercharger (like the 540K) and only 354 were built.

MiuraP400Sa.jpg (70589 bytes)  MiuraP400Sb.jpg (103399 bytes)  MiuraP400Sc.jpg (80980 bytes)  MiuraP400Sd.jpg (78925 bytes)
Miura P400 S:
Only 1 Lamborghini at the Concorso d'Eleganza in Villa d'Este this year, unfortunately.
A 1970 model here (chassis # 4368), currently on Swiss plates.
According to Simon Kidston's Miura-register the rear engine-cover of this car once came open at 180 km/h...
And the racing stripe has always been on the car, apparently.

MonteverdiPalmBeach.jpg (103064 bytes)  Monteverdi-Palm-Beach.jpg (85411 bytes)
Monteverdi Palm Beach:
In 1975 Swiss car-maker Peter Monteverdi showed this one-off convertible at the Geneva Motor Show.
Powered by a V8 Chrysler engine delivering approx. 305 bhp, this car should have been able to do 240 km/h.
Pity the car was introduced at a moment that Europe suffered from an oil-crisis.

Peugeot907.jpg (126736 bytes)
Peugeot 907:
French car-maker Peugeot surprised everyone last year with this prototype on the 2004 Paris Motor Show.
The car features a 12-cylinder engine and I wonder if it had ever existed if Pininfarina had not sketched the Ferrari 275 GTB...

Ferrari500Mondial.jpg (88594 bytes)
Ferrari Mondial 500:
A little 4 cylinder Ferrari, built in 1954.  Once in Japan, now back in Italy where it will - most probably - join the 2005 Mille Miglia.

Ferrari250GTSpyderCaliforni.jpg (97482 bytes)
Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California:
Even Italy suffers from rain now and then. Unfortunately it did on the day the Concorso was opened for the general public on Sunday. 
Time to install your hardtop on your 250 GT Spyder California.

BertoneVilla.jpg (103398 bytes)
Bertone Villa:
Based upon a Cadillac SRX floorpan, this car certainly reminds us to that other glasshouse: the Bertone Marzal

Cord812.jpg (122958 bytes)
Cord 812:
Front wheel drive, supercharged, pop-up headlights... and a great body.
Simply gorgeous.

RollsRoyceSilverCloud1.jpg (112265 bytes)
Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 1:
Yet another anniversary celebrated at this year's Concorso: the 50th 
anniversary of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

LanciaAureliaSpiderAmerica.jpg (146259 bytes)
Lancia Aurelia Spider America:
50th anniversary's everywhere - not only the BMW 507 & the Silver 
Cloud, but this fantastic Pinin Farina designed Lancia as well.

MaybachDS8Zeppelin.jpg (109586 bytes)
Maybach DS8 Zeppelin:
If you thought the current Maybach are hughe, have a look at this one.
Built in 1938 by coachbuilder Spohn of Ravensburg and just enough room to carry two people.

ASA1000.jpg (112659 bytes)
ASA 1000:
Even the visitors of this great event arrive in style. Here's an ASA 
1000, powered by a 1-litre 4-cylinder engine developed by Ferrari.

Rolls-RoycePhantom.jpg (93931 bytes)
Rolls-Royce Phantom:
Plenty of Phantom's driving through the town of Cernobbio where this event took place. I counted at least seven!
Absolutely incredible presence, these cars. This place on Lake Como is just the right place for these gentle giants.

Ferrari250BerlinettaSpecial.jpg (127293 bytes)
Ferrari 250 Berlinetta Speciale:
Built on request for an American client living in Modena, Italy in 1955.
A classic Pininfarina design. One of the many American owned cars flown in for this event.

Bugatti57SCGangloff.jpg (108511 bytes)
Bugatti 57 SC Gangloff:
Winner of the "Flamboyances et extravagances" category at the Concorso this year.  This 1939 Bugatti 57 SC built by Gangloff 
lived many years in the southern part of France.  Currently part of an impressive Dutch car-collection.