My Car Weekend

August 16-19, 2002


Friday morning my friend Jeff and I sat just behind the guardrail on Las Laureles Grade as the "Parade of Elegance" drove by...

Yes, that's a Rolls without a body!  All these cars were showing at Pebble Beach three days later -- brave of them.

Here's our vantage point, it made the front page of the local paper...

Then we drove over to the RM Auction down at the wharf.   Lots of nice cars there.

Anybody know what the Silver 350gt went for?  Or the Jarama behind it?  Or the other Lambos?

Then we walked over to the Russo and Steele Auction, which was definitely a step below the RM.

It was held in a parking garage!

Then up to Jeff's to check out the new garage construction...

Hummmm, don't think Jeff's Army truck is going to fit, but maybe my 400gt?  :)

That night, dinner with friends (I'm on the left).

With the assistance of raccoons and fluffy kitties.

Friday morning it was off to the first annual Lake El Estero Lamborghini Picnic!

A HUGE thanks to Jack Riddell and Jim Fox for arranging all this, the food and wine were terrific!

Then that evening, party at Jim's!  Complete with Bob's new Cobra :)))

Don't worry, we took our laps before the screwdrivers....I think.   ;^D

Next day was pretty low key.  (You know how it is after screwdrivers....)

I took the Lambo for a wonderful drive around the peninsula.  Ahhhhhhhhhh....what a pleasure that car is!

That night, dinner at Don's, with test drives of his new supercharged Jaguar Vanden Plas, a real rocket ship, and discussions about the auctions and Concours D'Elegance plans for the next day.  A superb dinner, as always.  My wife Susan drove down to join us, we all had a great time.

Sunday morning Jeff and I woke up early and drove over to Pebble Beach for the greatest car show on earth! 

After we set up our blankets next to the awards ramp, we watched the cars drive on to the green.  Tears were flowing in the eyes of several contestants as it marked a lifelong goal finally reached.  Look closely and you can see 2 little girls in the third photo -- not much passenger space.

The good thing about getting there early is that you get to see the cars without tons of people all around them.

My favorites are the Ferraris (when there are no Lambos) but other marques are equally impressive.

Of course, there are many other sights around the Concours...

(Look carefully at the spokes and fan of the Bugatti chassis -- it is actually being driven to its show position.)

And many wonderful sights outside the Concours too...

But the main event starts as proud owners drive up to the ramp, hoping for the best automotive prize in the world...

This year they also honored 3 great racecar drivers, Phil Hill, Sterling Moss and _____ (to come...sorry)

But the highlight of the day is always the Best of Show, which this year was a 1934 Voisin C-25 ETS Saliot Roadster owned by Sam and Emily Mann.  Earlier that morning we had picked this magnificent car as the show winner the second it rolled onto the green.

The excitement on the winning faces -- like they just won the Kentucky Derby!

As the show winds down, there are still bits and pieces of activity on the field.

Jeff helps push start a class winner while folks pack up their picnics.

Time for one more run around the greens in the Rolls Royce chassis, before heading over to the yacht.  That sort of thing...

A few last shots as some of the best cars in the world leave the never really want it to end.


All in all a fabulous weekend!  There is just nothing quite like Pebble.





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