A Day in Little Italy


Had a lot of fun yesterday at the Festa Italiana that was held in Little Italy here in sunny San Diego. The celebration is an annual event and has grown in popularity every year. Yesterday, the Alfa club was the primary sponsor of a presentation of Italian automobiles but a spattering of other makes were also invited. We had four Lamborghinis - a yellow islero, my 400, a black Diablo (no idea who the owner was - he never appeared), and Gene Ondrusek's beautiful Urraco. I took some pictures of the cars and some people pictures as well. Jim and Terry Fox were with us (Jim was in town for a 50th anniversary school reunion!). Another special guest for the day was Monica Moruzzi, daughter of the gentleman who runs the museum at the factory. We managed to get a seat at the Mona Lisa restaurant, a well-known local spot known for really good Italian food, and spent a couple of hours over some good wine, food and conversation. The pictures speak for themselves. Oh - found out an interesting tidbit during my tour of the car area - the front "parking" lens of a 1963 Maserati 3500 GTI is identical to the backup lens on my 400! Go figure...