400GT Road Tests:

400GT: The Original Ferrari Beater, Classic & Sports Car, February 2001

Widescreen Action: 350/400GT, Classic & Sportscar, July 1996

The $64,000 Road Test, Car & Driver, 1968

Lamborghini 4000, Road Test, July 22, 1968

350/400GT Test Results, Road & Track, October 1966


400GTs Today:

Robert Ross's 400GT Interim #517

Alf Hansen's 400GT 2+2 Factory Restoration (#1111)

Auction: Brian's 400GT at Bonhams

Auction: 3500 GTZ & 400GT Interim

Jerry Galich's 400GT 2+2


My Articles:

Presto! Presto! The Murciélago Roadster, Robb Report, Nov 2004, Fred Paroutaud

Ferrari Breadvan Article, Robb Report, May 2005, Fred Paroutaud

Radar & Ipod articles for the San Jose Business Journal, Fred Paroutaud


Historical Lamborghini Documents:

The First Lamborghini Engine Test

How to get a Factory Spec Sheet for your 400GT



Development of the Lamborghini Motor: A Honda Connection?

Mechanical Stresses

Prototype Families

Metal Fatigue

The Need for High-Pressure Oil in Overhead Cam Motors

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